All Buttered Up

All Buttered Up is the brainchild of Shatich Livingstone, our Master Gardener at The Neighborhood Center Urban Farm.  During the growing season, teens are employed to work in the garden to learn basic job skills, nutrition, agriculture, business skills and more.  We wanted to give the teens an opportunity to run a business that came directly from their hands, to the product, and out to the world. So that’s what we’ve done.  The herbs are grown in our Urban Farm here in Camden, we make and package the butter here in our kitchen at the Neighborhood Center, and we will sell the butter at our farmers stand.

We are grateful for your support in giving this opportunity to the teens in our community and will use the proceeds to grow the teen farmer program as well as make additions and upgrades to our Urban Farm.

Here are the details:

All Butters are $5 each.

They are 3.5-4oz of butter, hand mixed with herbs grown at The Neighborhood Center’s Urban Farm.

Monthly Bulk Specials

$12   Get our 3 pk of butters which includes - 2 of our standard butters (your choice) and 1 “Butter of the Month”

$20   Get our 5 pk of butters which includes - 4 of our standard butters (your choice) and 1 “Butter of the Month”

Butter of the Month

Our butter of the month will be a different butter every month based on seasonal flavors and what’s most available in our garden.


Pre-orders will be available for pick-up on or after May 1st.  You can just stop by when we are open or give us a call at 856-365-5295 to arrange pick-up.


Our Release date is May 1st!!

·       pick up from our location (M-F, 8a-5:30p)

The Neighborhood Center

278 Kaighn Avenue

Camden, NJ  08021


·       come by our Farmers Stand*

*on location beginning in June. Please watch for an email with dates.