Our Mission: Loving Abundantly!

-Breaking the Cycle of Poverty-


The mission of The Neighborhood Center is to generously love our neighbors as ourselves with abundant service and hope today and every day.

We focus on a two generation approach to lifting families out of poverty. We are committed to providing a safe space for Academic achievement, Athletic accomplishment, and a flourishing Arts program.

With 106 years of service to the community, our hope and vision for the next century of The Neighborhood Center is to create a “community living room.”

We envision a “community living room” as a welcoming place where:

  • Children and teens rush after school with their friends to study.

  • Theater, music, and dancing become vital aspects of a child and teenager’s experience.

  • Diversity is valued, and a community kitchen, store, and pantry become cultural bridges where individuals and families gather.

  • Preschoolers begin to learn about themselves and others through games, play, art and songs, while teachers lead them on a journey toward literacy and school success.

  • The center serves as a hub for uplifting the local community, enhancing the neighborhood, and promoting the health, safety and economic stability of the local community.

  • Athletics and healthy life styles are valued and practiced.

  • Community members visit the center to take part in a well-developed social infrastructure that includes neighborhood watches, civic associations, cooking and gardening groups, walking groups, sports teams, and the like, that contribute to a sense of connectivity, identity and ownership.