Amelia Kaselaan
Director of Marketing & administration

Amelia’s interest in marketing stems from her artistic background. While growing up in Haddonfield, NJ Amelia was always involved in art classes, dance classes and theater programs. As a young girl she wanted to be an artist who owned her own studio, and it wasn’t until attending Rutgers University-Camden, where she discovered that marketing was the right career choice to take, to combine both her creative and business interests. Amelia graduated in May 2015, with a BS in Marketing.

During her time at Rutgers, Amelia interned at the Philadelphia Zoo where she gained experience in website content development, public relations and events. Here is where her interest and passion for philanthropy grew and she discovered that she can apply her marketing and business knowledge, to make a difference by giving back to the community and be socially responsible.

Amelia then started working at Subaru of America. For two years she helped run Subaru’s annual “Share the Love” charitable sales event. This event helped raise tens of millions of dollars that were donated to over 600 local and national non-profit organizations around the country. Being a lead on this event, she developed fundraising, project management and organization skills. After “sharing the love” for two years, Amelia then transitioned to a digital marketing role at Subaru where she was responsible for enhancing and supporting Subaru’s digital marketing efforts through their retailer website program. She had taken her marketing skills to the next level by understanding how to reach and communicate to people online through website content development and design.

Now living in Audubon, NJ with her husband who is a high-school business teacher, Amelia’s desire to get back to making a difference through her work in marketing on a community level brought her to The Neighborhood Center. She comes to the center with a passion for rising Camden up. Amelia brings enthusiasm, creativity, attention to detail both traditional and digital marketing skills to support the mission of the center - as well as the community we live, work and play in. She plans to develop refreshing marketing initiatives for the center, and build-up the brand to be an organization known to not only the Camden community, but all South Jersey residents.