Melissa Thompson
Teen Director

Melissa Thompson is a servant leader with a heart for lifting up younger generations.  Originally a native of Newark, New Jersey, she attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick where she received a Bachelor of Art degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice, respectively. While Melissa has shifted from her Criminal Justice roots, her work within sociology or the study of the development, structure, and the functioning of human society, has shaped her mindset and framed her travel, leisure and career endeavors.

Melissa believes that education has the ability to transform not only minds but hearts as well. She currently teaches first grade in Camden where she consistently adjusts her teaching practices to reflect the needs of her students and the City. She believes that is possible to reverse systemic inequity for all students and communities of color.  

Melissa recently relocated from Houston, TX where received a Masters Degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration on Culturally Relevant Pedagogy from Sam Houston State University. 

Prior to, Melissa worked in the education sector for the past 5 years as a program and community director, public relations manager, and admissions coordinator.  Her passion for community and a commitment to impact the world through strategy, research, hard work, and self-love will drive her work with LOTUS teens.