Director Donor Relations

Christa Galvin joined the Neighborhood Center team in August 2014. She comes from a background of service and nonprofit work. Christa grew up in the Methodist church and participated in many volunteer activities and mission trips over the years. Her first major mission trip was to Daytona Beach, Florida to help out with hurricane relief. Since then, she has traveled with her school and church to many places, including New Orleans and Appalachia.

Christa attended Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC and Marshall University in Huntington, WV. In her senior year of college, Christa worked with fellow students and community members on collaborating with farmers to increase access to local farm fresh foods. The result was the opening of a local food hub. Christa graduated from Marshall University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Upon graduation, Christa began working as a teacher at The Goddard School.

After almost two years as an early education teacher, Christa decided to join the Neighborhood Center team. Social justice and community action have always been important to her and she is thrilled to use her experiences at the Neighborhood Center.