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Thank you for helping us transform our community!


Your carefully planned gift can:

  • make a lasting impact on the Center’s work
  • honor a loved one through a special program
  • save you taxes (income tax, capital gain tax, gift tax and/or estate tax)
  • provide you and/or another beneficiary with income now or later during retirement

Here are a few giving options.


  • Gift of Cash: Gifts of cash may be made by check or money order and sent to our address.
  • Gift of Securities: Donors often find that they can make a larger contribution donating securities (stock, bonds or mutual funds) than they could by giving cash.  A gift of securities is credited for its full market value which the donor may deduct (if it is within 30% of adjusted gross income) from federal income tax.  Moreover the donor does not pay capital-gains tax on the increased value of the securities.
  • Gift of Real Estate or Other Property: A gift of real estate or other property (such as closely-held stock) can offer significant tax advantages to the donor, especially if it is highly appreciated.  The Center, being tax-exempt, can sell the property tax-free, making the size of your gift and charitable deduction substantially larger than if you had sold the property yourself.  Contact the Center for prior approval and legal forms of acceptance.
  • Matching Gift: Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees.  To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, contact your human resources office or representative.


  • Memorial Gift: A memorial gift is an outright gift of cash, security, real estate or other property whereby you express love and respect to a bereaving family as well as pay tribute to a deceased loved one.  A letter is sent to the family informing them of this honor.  When making a memorial gift, please include the name of the person you are remembering and the name and address of the family you wish to receive the acknowledgement letter.
  • Honorary Gift: There may be no better way to honor someone special or celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or graduation, than by making an honorary gift.  As with a memorial gift, it may be in the form of cash, security, real estate or other property.  A letter is sent to the person or persons being honored.  When making an honorary gift, please include the name and address of the person or persons being honored and, if applicable, the special occasion being celebrated.