Our Staff

The Neighborhood Center has a gifted team who are dedicated to transforming our community.


Executive Director

Mike has been associated with the Neighborhood Center since 1988 as a volunteer and board member. Prior to becoming the Executive Director of the  Neighborhood Center in 2012, Mike was a Consulting Partner with Banister International, Mike brought substantial search, consulting, and executive experience from the Consumer Packaged Goods, Information Technology, and Financial Services sectors. Mike has successfully managed senior engagements in the areas of brand marketing, sales, finance, human resources, and information systems.

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Director of Child Care and Food Services

Tess Holley has been member of the Neighborhood Center for the past seventeen years bringing her love and care for our children everyday. Tess started in administrative roles at the Center but has been steadily promoted to her current role as Director of Child Care and Food Services. Under her leadership, childhood nutrition is given the highest priority to ensure that the children are growing and thriving in a healthy environment. Tess maintains the highest standards for our childcare programs which is evident in the retention and satisfaction of our children and families.

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Teen Director

Melissa Thompson is a servant leader with a heart for lifting up younger generations.  Originally a native of Newark, New Jersey, she attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick where she received a Bachelor of Art degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice, respectively. While Melissa has shifted from her Criminal Justice roots, her work within sociology or the study of the development, structure, and the functioning of human society, has shaped her mindset and framed her travel, leisure and career endeavors. 

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