Executive Director

Mike has been associated with the Neighborhood Center since 1988 as a volunteer and board member. Prior to becoming the Executive Director of the  Neighborhood Center in 2012, Mike was a Consulting Partner with Banister International, Mike brought substantial search, consulting, and executive experience from the Consumer Packaged Goods, Information Technology, and Financial Services sectors. Mike has successfully managed senior engagements in the areas of brand marketing, sales, finance, human resources, and information systems.

Prior to his executive search and consulting experience, Mike worked as the Vice President of Human Resources at Diageo, a $17B global consumer packaged goods organization. In this position he led major efforts to drive organizational performance through the acquisition and retention of talent in Human Resources, Supply Chain, Sales, and Marketing. He was also instrumental in the acquisition of the Joseph E. Seagram’s Company in 2001 and where he was responsible for revamping and top-grading the entire supply chain organization.

Prior to his tenure at Diageo, Mike spent a number of years as the Director of Human Resources for the U.S. Grocery Division of Campbell Soup Company. While at Campbell, he worked in a generalist environment under the direction of Campbell’s Global Senior Vice President of Human Resources. During this time Mike reorganized the marketing teams in U.S. Soup, Prepared Foods, and Beverages, focusing on the acquisition, retention and development of top talent. He also accomplished a key rotational assignment as the Head of Human Resources for the largest food manufacturing facility in North America, located in Napoleon, Ohio.

Before joining Campbell, Mike worked at Siemens’ Medical Solutions Division (formerly known as Shared Medical Systems), before leaving for Campbell’s he held the position of Assistant Vice President of Human Resources.

Mike earned his Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University here in Camden N.J. He has also completed extensive coursework in Labor Relations and Human Resource Management through Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Mike serves on the vestry of historic Christ Church of Philadelphia. He often helps professionals in career transitions with resume, job seeking skills, and coaching on a volunteer basis. He is married to Elizabeth Kimball, professor of English at Drew University and they live happily in Haddonfield, New Jersey. His daughter Emily is a marine biologist married to Luke Warwick who is a global shark conservationist, his daughter Sarah is an advertising executive on Madison Avenue, and his son Peter is successfully navigating the 4th grade.