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Thank you for helping us transform lives!



Currently looking for volunteers in our Garden, Community Kitchen and Children's Programming!

Volunteers run the Neighborhood Center – it’s that simple. From the Community Kitchen to the daycare to the gardens and offices, volunteers allow us to run the Center and keep operating costs low.  Both individuals and groups are welcome to help out for a day, a week, or on a regularly scheduled basis.  

Much of our support comes from local churches, community organizations and corporations and we are always willing to come up with a project that serves the Center’s needs and best uses the skills and interests of our volunteers.  We are grateful every time people show up eager to learn about what we do and ready to pitch in where needed.

If you are interested in finding out how you can be of help to The Neighborhood Center, please sign up below or contact our volunteer coordinator – Valerie Cooke at 856-365-5295 or email

Thank You!